When story books become readers

I love that stage when the kids realise they can read their old story books and suddenly they end up replacing “readers” with fun kids story books.  Over the summer my son went through that stage and I must admit the entire family has been enjoying it.  His confidence in his reading ability has rocketed, he is now trying all kinds of new books and his older sister is really enjoying having favourite old story book read back to her by her younger brother.

Reading old favourite story books as readers

So I thought I would share some of the books that have become favourite readers for my son.

A Set of four seasonal story books – Owl’s Winter Rescue, Rabbit’s Spring Adventure, Mouse’s Summer Muddle and Squirrel’s Autumn Search.  This is lovely set of books which I read to the kids when they were much younger and they just stayed tucked away in the bookshelf until my youngest rediscovered them.

Squirrel's Autumn Search, Owl's Winter Rescue, Rabbit's Spring Adventure, Mouse's Summer Muddle. Lovely seasonal books for younger children which can later be used as readers

Ark Adventures.  We bought this set from The Bookpeople many years ago.  It was one of the first set of books that my daughter found her reading confidence with and now my son is also loving the stories.

Ark Adventures. A stunning series about Noah and his animals

Thomas.  My son went through a massive Thomas phase for a few years so we have a couple of Thomas books but he has not shown any interested in them for over a year.  But about a week ago he realised he could manage most of the stories in this book and he has completely rediscovered his love for the Thomas stories.

Aliens Love Underpants and Thomas' Favourite Tales

Oh and another classic – Aliens Love Underpants – he loves reading this to us.

Lighthouse Keeper stories.  My youngest can not quite manage these by himself yet.  But my daughter loved these stories so she is rereading them to him and he follows word for word (my daughter actually tests him by leaving out a word every once a while to make sure he is following – he loves this as he gets to “correct” her).

The Lighthouse Keeper's series is a lovely set of children's book which also make great readers

I am really loving these new phase as let’s be honest Kids readers can be a bit on the boring side and these story books are a lot more entertaining.


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