At Home With Spelling Book Review

My son has recently started using a workbook by Oxford Press called At Home With Spelling 2 which is aimed at ages 5 to 7. Since I am that person who always reads everything I can about a book before I order it I thought I would write one about this workbook in case anyone is looking for spelling workbooks.

At Home With Spelling 2 workbook by Oxford University Press

It starts off with a quick introduction of vowels and then what the difference is between a short vowel sound and a long vowel sound.

At Home With Spelling 2 by Oxford Press includes the difference between short vowel sound and long vowel sound activities

As you can see from the photo above my youngest still has large writing but he is managing to fit his words in the spaces provided (we have tried other workbooks where he could not write the words in the spaces provided).

When to use k and when to use ck (three pages on this which I like as I remember my daughter battled with this).  I also really like the way they explained this.

At Home With Spelling 2 by Oxford press includes pages on when to use k by itself and when it use ck in a word

Also includes pages on sounds like ore, y, oy, ay, days of the week and then on to the oo, ee and ow sounds.

At Home With Spelling 2 by Oxford Press includes pages on some of the harder phonic sounds like oy

It talks about double consonants, adding suffixes and compound words.

At Home With Spelling 2 by Oxford Press when do you double consonants

I like this workbook as the exercises are well laid out and they have good explanations of the rules at the top of the page.  We really like the explanations in this workbook, they are short and too the point but explain the rules perfectly.  But it is a 32 page workbook so it is not a full curriculum as such.  It is something that I am using along with other resources.

I find it helpful, my son likes the way the rules are explained and the fact that it is helping him remember spellings without endless writing and rewriting.

I see there is also a At Home With Spelling 1book – but I have not had a look at the exercises in this book as my youngest had already learnt how to spell the words included in the book.

The At Home With Spelling books can be purchased directly from the Oxford Press website (they have a number of other books in this range – like At Home with Handwriting, At Home with Phonics) or from Amazon – At Home With Spelling 1, At Home With Spelling 2

I approached Oxford Press and asked if they would us this book and some books for my daughter (I will be writing a post about the bond spelling books that they sent for my daughter in a few weeks).

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