How Plants Work – a stunning children’s book

Earlier this year I spotted this  children’s book at Costco and grabbed it – How Plants Work.  We already had one of the books in the series – How the Weather Works –  so I was fairly confident it would be another good book to add it our bookshelf.  And I was not wrong.  It is a stunning children’s book, filled with gorgeous pictures, lots of flaps and popping up trees ad flowers.  The kids enjoy it and it is very informative.  I bought ours from Costco UK for £6.99, I have not seen it in our local bookstore but I have spotted it on Amazon UK here – How Plants Work.

How Plants Work, a stunning children's book which deals with plants, how they grow and what we use them for

The book starts with Why do plants have flowers (and has a stunning pop up flower in the middle which my daughter loves).

How Plants Work. A stunning children's book all about plants

Then it moves onto How do plants grow from tiny seeds.

And What do plants feed on. This includes an explanation about how roots and leaves work aswell as a section about carnivorous plants (I was not expecting this but my kids love the fact these plants were included).

Next is How do plants defend themselves  and then Where do Plants Live.  My son really likes this page as he likes knowing where animals and plants live, so this helped him put some of it into context.

How Plant Work, a children's plant book by Templar which includes a section on Where do Plants Live

Why are trees so important – this stunning page has a massive popping out tree and the tree has flaps.  This page amazes me, the way the tree pops up and then the kids turn the flaps back to see what creatures are making a home in the tree, really well thought-out and designed.

Why are Trees so important - a double page in the How Plants Work Book

Then it is on to What are the World’s Weirdest plants, What plants end up on your plate and How do we use plants.

I Love this book.  It is really well designed with lots of pop ups and flaps that keep my kids engaged while they are learning all about plants.  The text is not detailed but together with the pictures it is very informative.

The kids and I recommend this book and think it is a great addition to a plant project/topic.

How Plants Work.  A stunning children's book all about plants.  A brilliant book for kids who want to learn about flowers, trees and other plants

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  1. another mom says:

    How lucky your children are to have their very own library of educational books….this looks like a super addition to what they have. Well done mom and Dad for accumulating so much information to feed those little minds and get them to grow with knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

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