Schofield & Sims Grammar Books

I have mentioned before that we are not huge workbook fans.  My daughter often finds that too much is crammed onto a page  and she gets very put-off by too many bright colours all over the page.  She likes workbooks were one topic is covered on a page, there is space to write (but not too much writing is required) and were the page is not full of distracting images.  She did really well with the Schofield & Sims comprehension books that I bought her so when she recently asked me for some new english books I asked Schofield & Sims about their Springboard range – Springboard Book 4 (Book 5 of 9): Key Stage 2, Years 3 – 6.  Apparently it is an older range and they informed me that they were bringing out a new grammar range for Key stages 1 and 2.  They kindly sent us some to test out and I was blown away with the pack that they sent us. They sent us all the pupil books for years 1 to 6 and the teacher’s guide for years 1 to 6 (12 books in total).  Both my kids happily dived into using the books – The photo below is from the Grammar 1 pupil book.


I must say I was thrilled to receive the teacher’s guides. Normally when I buy books for the kids I often just get the workbooks and “figure-out” the teaching bit.  But I must admit having the teaching guide has made my mornings a lot easier, as I can just read the blurb from the teacher’s guide, explain it to my daughter or son and they can start working away at the exercise (the teacher’s guide also contains answers for the pupil workbooks – picture below is from the Grammar 3 Teacher’s Guide).

Grammar 3 Teacher's guide book from Schofield& Sims

We are still working through our books but so far we are big fans.  They are in the same Schofield & Sims format that suit my kids learning style and I am loving my teacher’s guides.

My youngest enjoys the fact that he is working through a book that looks like just like his big sisters.  We have found that he can often work on the same topic as he sister is working on. (eg in the Year 2 pupil book he could look at adding comas to a list – photo below – while his older sister did a slightly harder commas exercise in the year 4 pupil book).  This works well for me as my kids like working on “topics” together.  And it often allows my daughter to “teach” her younger brother which end up being excellent revision for her.

Year 2 Grammer pupil book from Schofield&Sims

I also really like that there are small revision pages throughout the books.  In the Grammar 1 (for year 1) there were 3 revision double pages like the photo below. And after each revision double page there is a writing task.

Schofiled&Sims example of a revision page from the Grammer 1 pupil book

So most people are probably wondering would I pay for these books ?  Yes.  In fact after using the books for just a few days my daughter asked if she could try one of the maths books from the same publishers.  She choose the Written Calculation Subtraction (Series of 6): Key Stage 2, ages 7-11 (Answer book also available) and I bought it for her.  She has just started using it and for someone who is not a fan of subtraction it is going a lot better than I would ever have suspected (I am now seriously considering buying her the division books in this range as well).

Key Stage 2 Written Calculation subtraction book from Schofield&Sims

We have only just started using the Grammar books so I will write a more comprehensive post about the books once we have had more time to test them out.









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