London Landmark Art activity

Over the weekend we were in a local shop (suppose to be there so I could get a much-needed cup of coffee) and the kids spotted some stunning pictures of London.  My daughter loved the bright backgrounds and wanted to try to make something similar.   She was more interested in getting the background to “Pop” and did not want to spend ages trying to draw the pictures so we opted to use some colouring pages with the landmarks already printed.  We found a really nice set on Twinkl (part of their Platinum deal) – London Colouring Pages.

It was actually a lot of fun playing around with different colours trying to see which colours made the pictures “Pop” and which colours worked well together.  Very easy but I do love the end results (yes yes totally biased mom I know).

The Houses of Parliament.  The Bright red and blue worked really well together my son especially liked this one.

Houses of Parliament painting activity for young children using the london colouring pages from Twinkl

And the British Museum

London Landmark art activity for children the British Museum

We also thought it would be fun if the colours where not just block colours but more of a combination of colours.  So for the Big Ben picture we tried blending yellow, orange and red as the background.  I really liked the effect.

London Landmark art activity for children Big Ben painting using colouring pages from Twinkl

And then we took the blending colours a bit further and this time the kids decided to see what it would look like if they painting the building in (I think I prefer it when they leave the buildings just black and white but it is good to experiment).

London Landmark art activity idea where children focus on colourful backgrounds

Really simple painting idea but I like the fact that the kids are finding art styles that they like and realising that sometimes something simple like a bright red background can be just as effective as a very detailed picture.  And I am taking this as a sign that I need to get myself more cups of coffee because you never know when they might spot something else that inspires them.

London Landmark Art activity for young children using colouring pages from Twinkl




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1 Response to London Landmark Art activity

  1. another mom says:

    Love the water colour background….let them try colouring in the buildings with watercolour pencils….I think they will love that as well. I am sure a fun time was spent on this activity.


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