Cute spider 8 times table

I like finding patterns in maths and relating the patterns back to normal life.  I think it helps the kids understand concepts better.  So counting in 2’s or 2 times table you can use pairs of socks / counting in 5’s or five times tables we used hands / 4 times table with wings of a butterfly and 8 times table was spiders legs.  Both my kids are actually fascinated by spiders so it is a topic we often end up reading about.  But for maths I choose to stick with a cute spider (I used the Incy Wincy Spider cut-outs from Twinkl page 3 only).

I cut out 12 spiders (and yes it took a little bit of time but they really are super cute).

Spiders from Twinkl cut-out for 8 times table practice

I decided to stick ours onto craft sticks to make them a bit more kid friendly (plus once they have been used for maths I know my kids will add the spiders to their stick puppet collection which they love playing with).

Cute spider stick puppets using the Incy Wincy spider images from Twinkl. perfect for 8 times table

The idea was very simple.  Each spider has 8 legs so 1×8 = one spiders legs, 2×8 = 2 spiders legs, 3×8 = 3 spiders legs etc.  Both kids thought this was a lot of fun.  And it re-enforces the understanding of multiplication.

8 times table exaplained using spider stick puppets made using Twinkl images

Really straight forward but it does make a times table session a lot more fun and fun normally means my kiddies tend to remember it better.

We also used the stick puppets to go over division.  So if you have 24 legs how many spiders would that be ? (My daughter giggled her way through these questions).

Understanding and explaining divided by 8 using spider stick puppets made using images from Twinkl

And in case you want something like this for 6 times table – insect legs eg ladybirds work really well.  The only thing I could think of for 7 times or 9 times were flowers – draw a flower with 7 or 9 petals and then plant them in a garden.  If you had 5 flowers in your garden how many petals would there be in total ?  I do find it a lot easier to think of objects to use when it is an even number.

8 times table and divide by 8 using cute spider stick puppets from Twinkl











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