Painting-in Book (easy art) – we Love this book !!!

I enjoy doing arts and crafts, it is definitely a “comfortable- learning – activity” area for me.  But as a busy home-educating mom I always LOVE finding something that is easy for me (ie require little or no preparation), is good quality (and I do mean this) and something that is enjoyable for the kids to do.  I was quite happy when Laurence King Publishers asked if I would like a copy of the Painting-in Book (I mean really any art book is welcome in my home) but I NEVER realised how much I would LOVE IT.

It is an A3 size book with a picture on each page (and the paper is good quality thick art paper).  On each page there is a simple heading and some instructions which the kids can follow (but they do not have too).  No preparation work required.  Get the book out and let the kids choose a page (or 2 or 3 to do), some paints and you are set.  So Easy and quick.

Painting-in Books. Painting wild flames using a mix of colours and wavy brushstrokes

But what I love it is the Thought that has gone into this book.  Yes it is simple, straight forward pictures where the kids just need to paint to complete them but on every page the kids are learning.  Learning how it helps to add more than just one colour to get depth and movement, learning how to swish your paint brush stroke to create movement, learning about depth, colour, patterns, using small or big brushstrokes ………………..

Painting-in Book. Great for easy, no prep painting projects at home

I love this book.  I think it is the prefect art book for a family where the parents are not “confident” in their own art ability.  I think it is the perfect art book for parents who are busy and want to include some art projects with their kids but are not sure what to do. I think it is perfect for home-educating moms who sometimes need a ready, no-prep art activity for those crazy busy days.  And it is even perfect for “art-confident” parents.

Would I buy this for my kids – YES YES YES !!!  And in case you are wondering I have used this book with both my kids (ages 6 and 8) and I think it is great for both ages.

Painting-in Book being used by my 6 year old son. He loves choosing a page

(and yes they do give some basic instructions on how to complete the page, but like my 6-year old always does the kids are can totally make the pictures there own by adding all kinds of different details – In the wave picture he added kelp – the purple bits – to the water).

Painting-in Books. waves with some kelp added

The book has just been released and is available on Amazon – The Painting-In Book: 30 Paint and Play Activities

Painting-in Book. The long-haired dogs page

I do have included an Affiliate link. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.  I only include affiliate links for products we use and love.

Painting-in-book.  Easy art activity for home.  Children complete the pictures contained in the book.  stunning.  Excallent quality





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