Days of the week and story sums

I printed off these Hamish Cat Days of the week (from the Lighthouse Keeper story resources created by Twinkl – free to download) around 3 years ago when my daughter was reading the whole set of Lighthouse books (old post on the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch). And as I may have mentioned before I rarely thow any learning resources away, so these days of the week baskets have been sitting in one of my files waiting for another go. (UPDATE – I have noticed that Twinkl have removed these Days of the Week  – I have emailed and am waiting a response in the mean time I have found these FREE to download baskets)

This time the focus was my youngest.  He knows the days of he week but I thought it might be fun to use them some “story-sum activities” plus he loves cats.  Before I actually had time to set anything up he had the days of the week all set out on the floor and he gave each cat 1 fish to eat (the fish are these ones – Learning Resources Fun Fish Counters ).

Hamish Days of the week (lighthouse keeper's cat) and some fish counters for basic maths problems

So I started asking him some questions like if it was Thursday how many fish would Hamish have already eaten that week ?  Or what colour fish did he eat 2 days ago if today is Friday.  Nothing to fancy.  He then suggested that Hamish might like extra fish.  So I suggested he double the fish, which he did and I asked a few more questions.  And we even mixed it up so that Hamish received different number of fish on different days.

Hamish the cat with different fish as part of working out story sums

We then fetched some of the toy food and had some fun allocating different food to Hamish on each day.  This really ended up being a great lesson in greater than and less than and adding.  My son did comment that by the end of this week Hamish would have a sore tummy with all the junk food he had eaten.

Hamish from Lighthouse kepper's lunch with toy food. Great for a maths lesson

My son really started getting into the little scenarios.  And even went to fetch a toy mouse for Hamish to eat on one of the days, he found a toy bottle of milk and even an eel.

Free to download Days of the week on Hamish the cats basket

The toy mouse actually lead to a whole new discussion about weight and how one object could be heavier than a number of other objects combined.

All in all a fun way of doing some Maths with my youngest.

Story sums using Days of the week baskets, fish counters and toy food. Great Lighthouse keeper activity. Free to download from Twinkl

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