Sh, Th, Ch sound train (free)

I remember doing a lot of activities around sh, th and ch with my daughter but for some reason they mostly seemed to be flower based (and that just does not have the same appeal for my son) so I have been trying to come up with something specifically for him.  I was stuck and then over the weekend he got all excited about seeing a train and it hit me – a sound train.  He loves trains and you can add as many carriages as you want onto the train.  Perfect.

I knew about the free to download train template on Twinkl (we have used it a lot already for a number of different activities).  But this time I printed it in black and white (confession – there was no colour ink left in the printer so I was forced to print it in black and white).  Anyway it turned out to be a good thing as both kiddies happily sat and coloured the trains and carriages in.



And without much prompting my youngest immediately starting choosing words to write on the carriages – I did suggest he write the words in pencil first and then we trace over them with the felt-tip pens lately (mainly because he gets very frustrated with himself when he makes mistakes and if he spelt something wrong and then could not rub it out – he would have been one very sad kiddie).

This worked well for him as he did need to rub a few spelling mistakes out and retry the words.


And then we had our sound trains.



The idea is we can add more words to the sound trains as we come across them while we are reading or doing our learning activities.  So I have some spare carriages printed out waiting and he can colour and write his new words as he discovers them.














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  1. SO fun, I LOVE this idea! Going to try with my daughter!

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