Learning about the Human Body

Learning about the human body with the Usborne see inside your body and Smart Lab Squishy Human Body

Human Biology is not something I have ever been that interested in.  I like science but the science that involves experiments, chemical reactions, forces anything really but not the human body.  However my kids are completely fascinated by the human body so fascinated that it has been a bit of an ongoing, in the background, type theme for the past few months.  We will spend a week or so reading some books, talking about it, answering questions using our Squishy body and then the kids move on to their next topic but sure enough in 3 or 4 weeks time we end up back reading our body books, answering more and more questions and so the pattern continues.  What has been wonderful about this pattern is each time the kids come back to it they have clearly had time to process some of the information and their understanding is better and they ask more and more detailed questions.

We started off with some books that we checked out of our local library and our Usborne Questions and Answers about the Human Body book.  It was a great way to get them curious about the body and the Question and Answer book answered a lot of their more basic questions.  Then they progressed onto this lovely Usborne book – See Inside Your Body (Usborne Flap Books) (Usborne See Inside)

See inside your body great for young kids learning about bodies

This book is amazing it makes learning about your body interesting and gives lots of information without totally overwhelming and confusing you.  The book is broken down into these sections

  • Your amazing body
  • Eating and excreting
  • Breathing air
  • pumping blood
  • Bones and muscles
  • Brain Power
  • The senses
  • Drinking and weeing
  • Body words

Usborne See Inside Your body what a double page looks like

The illustrations are incredible.

Usborne see inside Your body flap book, very informative for kids

I was so encouraged by how much the kids were learning by just reading their books and I really wanted to encourage them so we bought this – Smart Lab Squishy Human Body.  Wow this is amazing

Smart Lab Squishy Human a hands on way to ler kids learn about the human body

Talk about hands on learning.  The kids get to take apart and rebuild the body.

Smart Lab Squish Human Body being rebuilt by my 5 year old sonAnd it comes with a sheet called an Organizer – a page with diagrams and labels of all the body parts so the kids can place the body parts on the sheet and learn what each part is called.

Smart Lab Squishy Human body Organizer

We all love it yes even me who never enjoyed biology actually enjoys spending time with the kids learning with the Squishy Body.  The detail is more than I expected.  The way it all fits together is incredible.

The model comes with a booklet which talks about the different parts but we have actually not gone through the booklet in detail yet.  The kids used the summarised instructions and they have built the body over and over again.  As they build the body we talk about the different parts – the skeleton, the muscles, the organs and the fact that everything is covered in the shell (which would be our skin).

We have already spend hours with both our See Inside the Body book and our Squishy Human body but I have no doubt that we have only scratched the surfaces of how much we are going to use these two resources in our home learning.  And shock and horror for me I am for the first time actually enjoying learning about the human body alongside my kids.

Smart Lab Squishy Human Body - kids gets get to piece the human body together and each piece is detailed

All the items that I have mentioned in this post are items which we purchased ourselves.

I have included affiliate links in the post.  If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will be the same.

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  1. EMA says:

    Usborne books are always brilliant, I will definitely be looking to get the human body ones and that little anatomical figure is cool too. Great for hands-on learning.


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