July Books

It has been a while since I did a group book finds post.  We have a few books that we have owned for a long time that have been given the place of honour in our house over the last month (if you are a book in our house the place of honour is when you get to stay next to the couch – in book terms this is a very BIG DEAL !)

One of my daughters favourite books is this one called Isabella’s Garden.  I picked it up in a charity shop years ago and from the first day she just loved it.  She seems to love the story about how everything grows and changes in the year and she enjoys the way the words roll together.

Isabella's Garden by Glenda Millard and Rebecca Cool, a favourite book

Isabella's Garden - what an inside page looks like

I have been thrilled to see that she has recently started reading it herself (well to herself and her bear and occasionally her younger brother).  I love seeing how books that were once favourite story books are now becoming much-loved readers.

Speaking of readers my little reader recently finished reading The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.  We have dipped in and out of reading this one as it was 80 pages long but she is so proud that she finished it all by herself.  The kids loved the storybook version of this a few years ago (library book) so when we spotted the more detailed version we grabbed it and I am so glad we did as it was just the right book for my daughter.  Not too hard but it did contain some challenging words for her.  And she has now started reading the The Brer Rabbit Collection to herself.  It is 550 pages long so I think it might take her some time to get through all the stories but so far she is loving it.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark and the Brer Rabbit Collection

A book both kids are enjoying is this South African book that we have called The Brave Little Penguin.   It s about a strange-looking egg that is found on top of a table shaped mountain and how no creature knows whose egg it is.  Then the egg hatches and out pops a penguin but no animal on top of that table shaped mountain knows what a penguin is so that little penguin has to go exploring until he can discover who he is.  Along the way he meets some animals and even tries to eat some grass.  My kids love it and highly recommend it, it is probably our favourite South African book at the moment.

The Brave little Penguin

The Brave Little Penguin inside page

And one of our most loved books has come back into favour again.  The Usborne Great Planet Earth Search (Usborne Great Searches) by Emma Helbrough (2010-03-26)  We first bought this book years ago and it has just been one of those books that the kids come back to time and time again.  Each double page spread in the book deals with a different habitat eg Alpine Slopes, Mangrove Swamps, African grasslands.  Then around the edge it highlights some of the animals found in the habitat and asks the reader to search for a certain number of them.  Hours upon hours have been spent with both kids and this book.  It is great of so many levels, the kids do basic counting while the learn about different animals and where they live.

Youngest reading the Usborne great planet earth search book

Books - The owl who was afraid of the dark, The Brer Rabbit Coolection, Isabella's Garden, The Brave little Penguin and The Great Planet Earth Search









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3 Responses to July Books

  1. kkriss says:

    Thanks for sharing some great book ideas. We have a few of the Usborne educational books that I know will get more use and love as my kids grow. The spreads are just beautiful and provide a ton of great info. My 4yr/o loves the Usborne book called You Choose by Pippa Goodhart. Kind of like a choose your own adventure book – very inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Camie says:

    What would we do without books? These sound terrific. It’s fun to have favorites.


  3. I hadn’t come across Isabella’s Garden before. Beautiful illustrations. I love it when they make the leap to reading independently. A whole new world opens up.


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