Staying Alive Book (The story of the Food Chain)

Staying Alive – The story of a Food Chain – is one of those books that my kids come back to time and time again.  The book deals with a few animal science concepts but it is done in a very accessible manner so young kids can understand it.

Staying Alive. The story of the Food chain by Jaqui Bailey and matthew Lilly. A childrens book which deals with the food chain based on animals living in Africa

The book is set in the African savannah and starts off by explaining a bit about trees and how they need sunlight and water to grow.  It also gives a brief introduction about the African savannah.

Staying Alive - starts explaining about the producer in the food chainThen it moves onto the creatures that would feed off the tree eg caterpillars and what animal would potentially eat the caterpillar.  It explains words like carnivore, herbivore, omnivore and the difference between what a Producer is and what a Consumer is.

Staying alive explain an animal food chain in detailsMy kids are totally fine with the concept that predators hunt prey and they are not upset by scenes of animals being hunted but just to mention for other kids there are a few pictures of a zebra being hunted and killed.

Staying alive - the lions hunting the zebra as part of the food chainand then the being scavenged on my vultures and hyenas

staying alive the hyena eating the zebraThe pictures above are potentially the two which could upset a highly sensitive child (there is nothing worse than these two).

Then it continues with how the remains of the zebra attract insects and ultimately end up rotting into the soil which provides minerals for the plants and so the whole food chain begin again

On the whole the pictures are clear and the text does contain a lot of information.

Staying alive a great science book for young kids which includes lots of factsI bought our copy of this book from Amazon here   Staying Alive: The Story of a Food Chain (Science Works)

Explain the food chain to young kids using the book Staying Alive. Very informative and easy for young kids to understand

You may also find this book interesting – Life Cycles everything from Start to Finish

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2 Responses to Staying Alive Book (The story of the Food Chain)

  1. another mom says:

    This is quite advanced learning so I am so pleased they are coping so well…and with so much enthusiasm. .


  2. lucy76green says:

    This looks perfect for D! Thanks for recommending it 🙂


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