Yucky Worms a Nature Storybook

Last year when my kids started going earthworm crazy (honestly what is it about wanting to hold earthworms the whole time ??  I do not get that.) I bought them this book – Yucky Worms by Vivian French.

Yucky Worms by Vivian French and Jessica Ahlberg

Both my kids love this book and I do too.  The story is based around a little boy and his gran and how while he helps her in the garden he learns about earthworms.  He starts off thinking earthworms are “Yuck” but ends up loving them and calling them his friends.

The story is sweet and the illustrations are lovely but what I really like about this book  – it is actually very factual.  A number of the pages include factual sections, like the page below.

Nature Storybook Yucky Worms

Yucky Worm book includes some facts about the worms

So it is story time combined with learning actual facts about worms.

And there is a humour in the book too – the Mole with his shopping list gets my little boy giggling every time.

Yucky Worm book inside page

My kids and I highly recommend this book for all little kiddies who love digging in the garden and love holding, wriggling earthworms in their hands.

The yucky worm book is very informative

I bought this book for my kids.  I have not been paid in any form to write about this book I just happen to think it is a lovely book to share with kids who find earthworms fascinating.

You can buy this book from Amazon UK here – Yucky Worms (Nature Storybooks) or from Amazon US here – Yucky Worms: Read and Wonder.

Update – this book was such a big hit with both my kids that we are now actively looking for more books in this series and often end up doing activities around the books.

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  1. Camie says:

    Looks like a charming book!


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