Historical Timeline and Cone People

Adding the Viking Cone People to the Timeline

We first printed out the Historical Timeline from Twinkl when we learnt about the Stone Age.  The timeline includes all major time periods (World History and British History) without it being too overwhelming.  My daughter was totally fascinated by it and loved that she could see how everything progressed.

History Timeline from Twinkl resources

The Timeline does require some cutting, lining up and sticking to get all the parts nicely fitted together.  But it is worth it.  It is one of those resources that once you have spent the time setting it up you can use it over and over again.

We recently started looking at the Ancient Romans as the kids found an interesting library book and after reading it with their dad and the questions just started pouring out.  In-line with the new Ancient Roman fascination I wanted to make sure the kids had an idea of how it fitted in with the other time periods.

So out came our trusty Twinkl Timeline but this time I thought it would be fun to see how many Cone people we could add to our timeline (Full list of all the Cone people that we used and the links at the end of the blog post).

I set out our timeline as one very long line and the kids took turns trying to match the cones to the different time periods.  As both my kids are fascinated by dinosaurs we added some Dinosaur cones to the very beginning of our timeline to reinforce the idea that dinosaurs existed before the Stone Age.

Adding our Dinosaurs and Stone Age cone people to our timeline

They loved it and once they had completed the timeline the kept walking up and down talking about the different periods and how the cone people looked different.  It was a very big moment for my 5-year-old as he exclaimed ” Wow so much happened between the Stone Age and where we are now !”

Historical Timeline from Twinkl adding the Ancinet Greek and Iron Age cone people to the correct period

History at Home with the Timeline and cone people we used from Twinkl website

I have packed my timeline and the cone people away very carefully as I am sure we will be digging them out and redoing this whole process a few more times in the future

Ancient Egypt on our Timeline

Here are the Cone people that we used – all downloaded from Twinkl and all part of the Platinum package.

Historical Cone People to add to our Timeline


Stone Age

Ancient Egyptians

Iron Age

Ancient Greeks


Roman Soldier

Castle Pack – I used the soldier from this pack to represent the Medieval period

Significant British Monarchy

Hope your kiddies enjoy this as much as mine did !

Historical timeline with historical figure cone people





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  1. EMA says:

    This is great, I’ve been thinking about a timeline for a while and didn’t realise there was one on Twinkl, I will be looking that up today.

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