3D Butterfly and 3D Dragonfly Wall Art

Simple art using the 3D dragonflies and 3D butterflies from Twinkl and some art canvases from Baker Ross

My daughter recently informed me that we needed more pictures in the house. We already have lots of the kids art all over the house (we use pin boards and then rotate the art and goodies on the boards).  My home-ed mom side naturally kicked in and I suggested we could make our own – she was not too sure as she said we needed some “fancy” pictures for the guest bedroom.

Our spare room is normally a dumping ground of laundry that needs to be packed away, my husband’s home office and anything else that needs a home.  But we are getting a visitor in about 2 weeks time so we are doing a tidy up, hence my daughters insistence that we needed to add some art to the walls.

I had been saving these little canvases for myself (in my life before I had kids I actually painted) but they looked perfect for our new little project – so we had a base.  I asked if she wanted to paint something on the canvases or maybe try some sand art but she wanted a professional looking picture for the room so she was not confident enough to try either options.  And then it hit me, what if we added some of our favourite 3D butterflies.  Yes, Yes we have used these butterflies over and over and over again but when you find something as stunning as these butterflies who can really blame us.

We already had a bunch of the butterflies and dragonflies cut out from some previous projects so we started using these but also ended up printing off a few more so that we could have the colours that we wanted.

Selection of the 3D butterflies and 3D dragonflies from the Twinkl website3D butterflies and 3D dragonflies on some black canvasesTo attach the butterflies and the dragonflies onto the canvases we used some Pritt Glue Dots.  I have only recently started using these and I am loving them.

3D dragonflies on a canvaseAnd I have to admit I am very happy with the end results.  The only problem is now  I can not decide how to hang them ?

3D wall art featuring butterflies and dragonflies

And also I am wondering if they would not actually look better in my bedroom.


Butterfly and dragonfly home made pictures using printouts from Twinkl and some art canvases from Baker Ross

Links for all the products that we used

The black canvases are from Baker Ross here – Mini Black Canvases

The 3D printouts are from Twinkl (part of their paid for package) – Butterflies and the Dragonflies

To stick the butterflies and the dragonflies onto the canvases we used our Pritt HK30043 Gluedots – Clear, Pack of 64




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4 Responses to 3D Butterfly and 3D Dragonfly Wall Art

  1. Camie says:

    Oh these are lovely! I’d hang them in my room. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful and so elegant too – love the colours. 🙂 Thanks for linking up much appreciated! Jess xx #HomeEtc


  3. Aaah you clever thing!!! What a lovely, lovely idea 🙂 Fab! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Caro x #HomeEtc


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