Snails, snails, snails.

A while ago I picked up a Snail World for the kids.  I have to admit for some reason we did not unpack immediately.  Why – I do not know.  The kids love it and it has been a great source of questions and discussions.

snail home

I bought the Snail world mainly because we have never done anything like this before and I heard that it came with a good book inside (which it does).  The book sets outs what you need to do and should not do and it also is a great source of information about the snails.

Snail World - the booklet that comes with the setSnail World set contains a very informative book

If you have never made your own Minibeast home before then I would highly recommend buying one of these.  It definitely gave me the confidence to do this with other MiniBeasts in the future (We are thinking of making our version of a spider world next).

As it turns out our snails like cucumber and they prefer it when we switch the lights off (bright overhead lightly scares them away), they also pooh a lot.  Yes I am serous, after their first night in their new home, my son raced down to make sure they were okay and the first thing he shouted was –  ” Wow they Poohed everywhere”.

Snail inspecting

snail watching

Having a snail in the house which they can watch throughout the day has definitely encouraged their fascination with all things minibeast related.  They have read books about the different creatures we find hiding in our graden, they have drawn pictures, coloured in pictures, created works of art.  Almost anythiing snail related has been a hit with the two kids.

And in case your kids love snails as much as mine do here are out three of their favourite Free snail pages to print out.

This one is part of a Free to download Twinkl Colouring page set – Detailed Minibeast Colouring Sheets.

Minibeast sand art - using our pritt all purpose glue to trace over the outlines of the snailIn the picture above my daughter was adding some Pritt all-purpose glue to the outlines so she could decorate her snail with coloured sand.  We have also used the same Minibeast pages for collages.

Snail collage using the free Mininbeast colouring page from Twinkl resources

My son loves this Snail Colour by pattern page from Activity village.  He thinks it is such a cheeky snail because it is sitting on an apple waiting to eat it (his words).

Snail colour by pattern page from Activity vIllage

And part of the Color by number preschool pack from Mamas learning corner – this cute snail page.

Colour by number snail from Mamaslearning corner

Here is a link for the Snail World that we own – My Living World Snail World

snails snails snails.  young kids learning about snails with the help of snail world


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