Kumon My Book of Numbers 1-30

I am often asked – “what workbooks do the kids use ?” – honest answer – not that many actually.  When I first started homeschooling I made the common mistake of going out and buying a whole bunch and well not one of the books that I bought was ever completed.  Most had a few pages done before either my daughter, or myself, or both of us had enough and stashed it and well never got around to completing it.

I have since learned that my daughter would rather be given a few worksheets to do than a workbook.  We now have lever arch files where she files her pages once she has completed them and she likes this.  It suits us as we can do far more examples on a certain concept than the workbook might do and we can skip ahead and follow her interests (she learnt about fractions and time before any of the maths workbooks for her year would have introduced it).  However having said all of that there are a few workbooks which we have found and used successfully.

She has a set of English comprehension workbooks which she is slowly working through and they always appear to be at the right level for her and they manage to maintain her interest ( I am going to do a separate post about these at a later stage).  We have also used a few of the Kumon workbooks.  One in particular which I used with my daughter and which my son is now using is the My Book of Numbers, 1-30 (Kumon’s Practice Books)
.  It really helped my daughter with her number formation and I have been blown away at how quickly it has helped my son with his number formation. He is happily sitting down each day to do a few pages and is now so confident with his numbers that he even paints his numbers.

Painting our numbersThe book has a lot of repetition and has slow progress which in my opinion when you are learning number formation is ideal – the kids get to practice and practice their numbers.  With our Kumon workbooks I actually tear the pages out and give them to the kids individually.

Here are examples of the pages in the book

Kumon number book page

Kumon number book practicing the number formationKumon pages

In case you missed the link up above here is the Kumon number book that we have used – My Book of Numbers, 1-30 (Kumon’s Practice Books) (affiliate link).

And just in case you are wondering I have not been paid to write this and I have not been given any Kumon resources for free.

Kumon My book of numbers 1-30


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