Simple Contraction Folder

I love these FREE contraction folding aids from Twinkl.  Personally I think theses are the perfect example of when keeping it simple is better.  Nothing fancy is needed, the folding aids are nice and bright and in my opinion there is no need to over clutter the folder or make it more complicated that it needs to be.

Here is what we did.  On the front cover my daughter added some personal details (her name and year etc) so I have just covered these with a green piece of paper for the photo.

Contractions folder front cover

When you open the first flap it looks like this.

contractions folder with the first flap open on ofamilyblogAnd when both front flaps are open you get this.

Contractions folder using free twinkl visual aids found on ofamilyblog

When you open the individual word flaps you see what the two words are and when you fold the word flap back down you see what the combined word is (eg the contraction).

contractions folder open flaps

So simple yet so effective.

Contractions folder using Free twinkl pages on ofamilyblog

For kids who are visual learners I think it is great.  Not too cluttered and the kids get the idea of what happens when you combine the two words.

We keep these folders in a shelf where the kids can easily access them whenever they want.

For the folder I used these Foolscap A4 Half Flap Rigid Card Document Wallets Assorted Colours – Pack of 5(affiliate link).  We use these card documents for most of our home-made folders / learning aids. We cut the top and bottom so that both flaps can open out.  They are fairly hardy so the kids can glue a fair bit on if they so want and they tend to last well.

Contractions using Free Twinkl resource on ofamilyblog

Contractions folder on ofamilylearningtogether

I have included an affiliate link. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.




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  1. lulubab says:

    Coincidently I’ve just printed out some of these yesterday, I like the idea of putting them in a folder, I’d not thought of that, will have to look for some. 🙂


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