Butterfly suncatchers

Last weekend we released our butterflies from their Insect Lore Butterfly Garden and as exciting as the whole thing was my daughter said she has missed having the butterflies in the house.  So we thought we would turn our sliding doors in a butterfly garden.

We started off by tracing some butterfly colouring pages onto our laminating pouches (sharpies work well on laminating pouches – although we did discover that it is better to use the sharpies on the inside part of the laminating pouches – the side that has a slightly rougher feel to it).

Easy to make suncatchers using laminating pouches and sharpies

And then we coloured them in – again sticking with sharpies.  The kids stuck to three different colouring pages all from Activity Village – Butterfly colouring page 4, butterfly colouring page 5 and butterfly colouring page 6.

After we hung our first few up we decided to try some using our Tulip 3D Fabric Paint 4oz Slick (Black).

Trace over a colouring page with 3D paint onto a laminating pouch to use as a sun catcher

Although this is advertised as fabric paint we have used it a lot with our different art projects – creating stained glass effect pictures and cards.  The kids love it because it leaves a raised line on the pictures.  But it does smudge, so once you have made your outline you do need to let to dry properly – we normally leave it overnight.

Easy home-made suncatchers. Ouline made using 3D paint onto laminating pouches

I love this 3D paint – the effect it gives the kids art work is stunning and it also is a great hand strengthening activity – they really have to squeeze the tube to get the paint out.

Colouring in our home-made butterfly suncatchers with sharpies

And I must admit having butterflies all over our sliding doors does look great.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My youngest now actually wants to turn it into a Minibeast wall (I need to order more of the 3D paint) but I have a feeling by next weekend we might just have a whole range of Minibeasts all over the sliding doors.

Fun and Easy to make butterfly suncatchers

In case you have never heard of an Insect Lore Butterfly Garden before they are amazing – you get some caterpillars in the post and the kids watch them grow. Once they have formed their chrysalis, you move them into the net and wait for the butterflies to emerge.

Insect Lore

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Easy and Fun home-made suncatcher craft for children.  perfect for Spring, Summer and as a Minibeast activity

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  1. another mom says:

    So pretty….good work mom and children.


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