Geo board patterns – Great Key stage 1 activity

I love Pinterest, I love looking through the broads and finding fun things for the kids to do.  I recently came across this post about teaching shapes from and in the post they had a Geo board and some geoboard dot paper.  This immediately got me thinking about doing some patterns on the paper for the kids to try and copy.  I printed off the paper from their post (don’t you love it when you find something for free on the internet), made our patterns and laminated them.


Once I had laminated the patterns I actually cut them into strips so that there where only 2  or 3 pictures in a strip.  I used the medium size geoboard paper to make patterns for Blue and used the smaller size for Pink (but they ended up doing both so not sure that it mattered).


These geoboard activities are always aimed at Prek / reception aged kids but pink who is now is year 1 (UK school system) did not get all the patterns correctly the first time so I actually think it would be a good activity for all kids in Key Stage 1 as you can make the patterns as hard or as easy as you like.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe has informed me that she wants to try some of the patterns again later tonight, so in our books that makes this activity a winner !!

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