A quick and easy flower shop

We do not buy trays of cupcakes often but we recently had a little party with the grandparents and the kids asked for store-bought cupcakes.  The tray that the cupcakes came in reminded me of the flower trays that you see in garden centers.  So naturally we had to have a go at using our tray.  I mentioned the idea to my daughter and she jumped on board.

The flowers below are from the lovely people at Twinkl.  They are stunning.  Honestly my photos do not do these ones justice.  We printed the flowers on card, laminated them and cut them out. (The flowers are actually from a flower number game which is platinum on Twinkl)

flowers from Twinkl laminated and cut out

The play dough that I made is from The Imagination Tree (this recipe is simple and easy to make.)   The tray is our recycled cupcake tray

flower tray with playdough and cut out flowers

flower tray

My daughter ended up filling up the tray and still wanted more flowers for her shop so we “borrowed” the mini flower pots that we were supposed to be using for an art project and we used some of the colourful store-bought play dough from my daughters ice-cream shop.

pink and yellow flowers

She also dug out her flower price labels. (There are a number of different versions of these flower price labels on Twinkl both are free – one with white letter writing and one with black letter writing).  We store all of the role-playing pages and labels in a box on the kids bookshelf and as a result they tend to use and reuse the pages in a number of different play scenarios.

flower price labels

Here is what her flower shop ended up looking like

flower shop with playdough and cut out flowers

and a close up of some of those lovely flowers.

flowers for flower shop role playing

I really love these flowers I think I am going to have to find a way of using them in an art project soon.


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