Hunting for letters and shapes

We have been having some fun hiding shapes and letters lately.  This is actually an activity that my daughter’s Occupation Therapsit recommended for her to do a couple of years ago so I thought it would be a good one to do with my son.

We started off by hiding some plastic shapes in a small denim bag that we have (you could also use a pillow case).

shape search

I made sure I had two of each shape.  We placed one set of the shapes in the bag and left the other set outside the bag.  My son had to place his hand in the bag, find a shape and then guess which shape he was holding (no looking).

finding a shapeMy son was so excited when he guessed the correct shape. he kept asking to try again and again.

I thought based on the success of the shape hunt we would try something similar with our magnetic letters.  I hid a bunch of the letters in the denim bag and then they had to find a letter, guess which letter it was and then match it to their letter cards.  I initially set this up for my son but his excitement at guessing the correct letter was so infectious that my daughter could not resist joining us.

finding lettersOnce they identified the magnetic letter correctly they would match it to their letter cards (FREE on Twinkl – we have been using these letter cards a lot lately).

letter search with Twinkl cardsThis ended up being a really fun way of practicing our letters.

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