The very hungry caterpillar

The last few weeks have been very disruptive on the home learning front.  All of us have taken it in turns to get sick and now we are in a mad rush to quickly pack up the house so we can move this week.  We have two projects which I am dying to write about but due to everyone being sick neither have been completed so those will have to wait until next week.  Instead I am going to tell you what I do on those days when I want to provide some education for the kids but I am just exhausted and the house is in a total mess (more than normal that is).  We do a book.  We choose a favourite book, I search Pinterest or Twinkl to find some ideas and my sanity remains intact for yet another day.

This time I  asked my little boy if there was a book we should do and I was actually surprised with his answer.  He said he wanted to do The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (we have not read this book for ages) but it is a great book with lots of great learning for him and some good revision for big sister (she has just finished learning to spell the days of the week).

I found these lovely sequence cards on Twinkl (platinum package).  We printed ours in black and white so the kids had to colour them in and make their own sequence cards.  I was very impressed with how neatly they both coloured in the pages and how they tried to follow the pictures in the book.

The very hungry caterpillarAfter the kids had finished the cards we cut them out and my youngest had a go at putting the cards in the correct order.  These sequence cards really tuned out better than I ever could have expected, and the kids are very proud of them, I definately need to print some more off espically for my youngest as he is not always normally keen to colour in.

The very hungry caterpillar sequence cardsHe used his playdough to make his own version of the different food that the caterpillar ate.  The kids also had a go and making some playdough caterpillars and butterflies,  I really like this butterfly that my daughter made.

the very hungry caterpillar playdoughI also could not resist using the book as an excuse to do some words with my daughter.  We used the word matching page from Twinkl (Platinum) for this.

The very hungry caterpillar word matchingShe also wrote out her own list of all the food that the caterpillar ate (my daughter loves making lists) and we did a quick revision on spelling the days of the week.  I am always very happy when we get to squeeze extra spelling and writing in.

My daughter spotted this sorting activity on the Twinkl website and asked if we could print it out so she could do it with her little brother (she likes “teaching him”).  And she was correct her little brother did enjoy sorting and completing the page with her.

the very hungry caterpillar sorting activity

I really do love doing book pages and activities with the kids.  They always seem to enjoy the activities, I manage to get some good learning activities done and thanks to these lovely pages on Twinkl it was pick and pain-free for me.  If only the move was this easy.

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