Paper flowers for Granny and Grandpa

The kids are now officially in overdrive waiting for granny and grandpa to arrive.  They have been trying to help me get the guest bedroom ready (well not sure if it is really help or more like causing chaos) and we thought it would be nice to put some flowers on the window sill.  Well, they thought it would be nice and I thought it might keep them busy for a few minutes so I could finish some cleaning.

We used the Mothers Day Cut-out flowers printout from Twinkl (gold), I printed 2 copies and the kids started cutting.  I also took out some green pipe cleaners and some colourful wooden beads

paper flower making

I showed the kids how to make the first one and then they managed the others by themselves.  We used 2 flower cut-outs and threaded the pipe cleaner through the center of both flower cut-outs.  Then we added a wooden bead onto the pipe cleaner and threaded the edge of the pipe cleaner back through the center of the flower again. I did this as my kids will probably end up using these flowers in some role-playing later this week  and the edge of the pipe cleaners can be quite sharp.

yellow paper flower

With some of the flowers we folded the top cut-outs petals (I thought this looked really nice but to be honest the kids where not that fussed)

red  paper flower

My son liked mixing the colours together (he did ones with light blue and dark blue – his two favourite colours)

colourful paper flowers

Next the kids filled one of their butterfly jars with some green coloured rice and arranged their flowers in the jar.

paper flowers in butterfly jar

I have to admit these are very cheerful looking flowers.

paper flowersI know lots of photos in this post but I could not resist two more of the final result on the window sill.

paper flower craft

paper flower craft in butterfly jar

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