Dinosaur Dig and Dinosaur stick puppets

My kids fascination with Dinosaurs is still going strong so I thought it was time we had a little Dinosaur dig of our own.  There are lots of different ideas on how to make these fossils on Pinterest.  I played around a bit with the quantities and ended up using 1/2 cup salt to our 1 cup flour and 1 cup water.  I used the kids toy dinosaurs to make impressions into the salt dough mixture and then baked them in our oven for around 25 mins.

I  hid them in the kids sand table.

Dinosaur dig word cardsI could not resist adding the Dinosaur Dig banner from Twinkl (gold) and then I left it for the kids to discover by themselves.

Dinosaur dig bannerThey had a great time hunting for the different fossils (lots of shouting when they found one)

Dinosaur fossilsMy youngest starting asking lots of questions about the different fossils so we moved inside and we started looking at the stunning Dinosaur fossil display photos (also gold on Twinkl).  The word cards in the picture are actually the Dinosaur museum topic word cards (gold on Twinkl) I printed these out a while ago for a different activity and they where perfect to use with the fossil display photos.

Dinosaur skeleton photosThe dinosaur skeletons we found at a local toy shop a couple of months ago.

dinosaur fossil close up photos

And with all the dinosaur dig activities going on it only seemed naturally that it spill over into our art.  My daughter has been making her brother a decopatch T-Rex (still a work in progress).  We bought ours at Crafty Crocodiles in the UK.

decopatch T-Rex

And we also made some decopatch stick puppets.  We used the Dinosaur shadow puppet template (yes Twinkl gold again) and some of our Decopatch paper.

dinosaur stick puppets decopatch paper

These turned out really well and both kids have enjoyed using them in their dinosaur stories.

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