Afrikaans Lapbook

My little boy’s Afrikaans has really come along in leaps and bounds lately (he is not as fluent as big sister) so I wanted to keep the momentum going and thought the kids and I would try to make our very own Afrikaans lapbook.

I have never found is easy to find Afrikaans pages on the internet (if they are all hiding in some place and you know where that is please let me know).  So I have made a few basic pages myself and after spending ages trying to find nice images to use I realised that I could use some of the editable resources on Twinkl.

Afrikaans lapbook

My kids love anything animal related to I downloaded the editable African animal word mat from Twinkl and typed in the Afrikaans names for the kids (I believe Twinkl are going to be uploading the Afrikaans version when they do I will include the link).  They both wanted the word mat to go in the center of their lapbook.

African animal mat afrikaans

I also downloaded the baby farm animals and their mothers cards from Twinkl and added the Afrikaans names (part of gold package).

Afrikaans farm animals

I then dug out some of the Afrikaans cards that I made for my daughter last year and added those to.

I included the Afrikaans / English number matching cards and the Afrikaans / English colour cards (they are very basic but I am including the documents below the pictures).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnumbers 1-10 eng afr

afrikaans colours

Colours – Eng Afr

For the days of the week I included the truck cards that I made.

Afrikaans days of the week

days Afr trucks

On the back of the lapbook we stuck down our map of the world from Twinkl.  We used our Afrikaans label the world cards with these


World labels -eng afr

Only problem is now big sister wants her own Afrikaans lapbook so more cards to try and make /find / edit.

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