Cut-out Heart card

We love making cards in our house.  It started off as an activity to encourage my daughter to write and now it is one of our favourite art activities.

We started this card by tracing around a large heart template and then cutting it out.  Once you have the basic shape you need to cut out an inner heart .  We did ours by starting at the bottom of the heart

heart card 1

Cut all the way around but make sure you leave a bit at the bottom still attached

heart card 2This allows the inner heart to fold out making the card.

You then need to glue the outside heart onto another piece of paper so that you have something to write your message onto (make sure the inner heart is not glued).  Once you have glued it down cut around the heart shape (the photos below should help show what I mean).

The outside of the card looks like this

Heart card with stickersWhen you open up the card, you can write a message on the white bit.

heart cards with stickers2

Here is one that my daughter made for her dad.

heart card gems

The inner heart where she wrote “daddy” folds out and on the inside you can write your message.  (the white paper or card is glued onto the red paper or card).

heart card writing

It ends up being a such a cute card.

If you missed the post a few weeks ago you could also try and make our tissue paper heart cards

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  1. This is such a beautiful card making idea! Thank you for sharing on my facebook page.


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