Matching stars maths activity

We love sensory tubs and I have learnt with my daughter that she enjoys it when I mix a sensory tub idea with some of her learning cards.  So I printed off these lovely stars matching cards from Twinkl (Platinum).  The idea being that the kids need to match the card with the sum on it to the correct star (which has the answer on it).

Star matching tub

I added the black beans as my daughter loves the feeling of submerging her hands in these beans and finds it relaxing (always good to add a relaxing element when we are doing Maths).  We focused on the sums for the numbers between 11 and 20.

star matching activity

In the pack that you download, the lovely people at Twinkl have included a number of different sums.  I sorted through the cards and only choose the ones that I wanted as I did not want her to get too overwhelmed.  We will retry the same tub later on it the week and I will change the sum cards that we use.

And no big surprise but little man could not resist coming to join in.

star matching tub 2

He then used the star cards to practice his own counting

stars numbersAfter my daughter had finished her sums she decided to write them out on paper and then asked if she could type some different sums on a word document on the computer (she moved onto writing out some doubling sums).

sums on computer

What a great way to practice or Maths !!!

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