One Christmas Night painting

One of our favourite Christmas books to read is One Christmas Night by Christina Butler.  The kids love little hedgehog and her friends and I like the fact that the story is about giving and friendship.  The graphics in the book are lovely and one of my daughters favourite pages are these snow covered trees.

One Christmas Night

So we thought we would have a bash at making our own snow covered tree picture.

I started off by setting the sence for the kids by sticking down a basic snow covered hill on some coloured paper so that they would have an idea of where the trees should go.  Pink helped me cut out some basic triangle shapes for the trees (different sizes).

Christmas night picture

We then started sticking down our trees, I did have to remind the kids that it was okay for the trees to overlap (my son was not too keen on this idea – at first he just wanted a straight line but after he saw what big sister was doing he got the idea).

Christmas night picture 2And then we added the white paint and some silver glitter.  A good idea for getting the effect of snow on the trees is to let the kids use some ear buds.  Blue loves painting but he still makes very big strokes when he paints, he finds using the ear buds much easier for the smaller snow flakes.  Pink actually mixed her silver glitter into her paint.

christmas day picture 3

Christmas night picture 3

I think the end result was quiet sweet.

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  1. hicamie says:

    I absolutely love it! The ear buds (or cotton swabs as we call them) were a great idea, too. 🙂

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