Toilet Roll Christmas Wreath and other crafts

It seems like Christmas is the season to do arts and crafts with your kids.  Which I love but I also think it is the season to use old toilet rolls and egg cartons and to try to keep it simple so that the kids can truly enjoy the craft.  Our crafts are mainly completed by the kids (sometimes I need to help if the cutting is a bit tricky especially with my youngest) so nothing ends up perfect, when we paint our toilet rolls they do have streaks and sometimes a few patches remain unpainted but my main concern is that the kids are having fun being creative.  So here some of what we have been doing lately.

Last week the kids went on a bit of a toilet roll painting craze and we ended up with lots of red and green toilet rolls.  So I thought we would use them to make a Christmas wreath.  We cut the painted toilet rolls in half – I did have to help my youngest with this (we used 3 green and 3 red toilet rolls).  Then we cut out 2 paper plates so that we just had the rim and I cut it and the kids “threaded” the toilet rolls onto the paper plate.

paper plate

Once we have filled it up we just used some sticky tape to seal the two ends of the paper plate.

toilet roll wreathI really like the way this one turned out. Sometimes simple is better !!

Another paper plate Christmas wreath that we made recently was this one using pipe cleaners.  Very simple but great for little hands

Pipe cleaner Christmas wreath

Pipe cleaner wreath


What else to do with painted toilet rolls.  I have seen the idea of stacking the toilet rolls to make a Christmas tree in a couple of places so I thought we would give it a go but my daughter did not think it looked quiet right – she wanted to add something inside the toilet rolls.  So we ended up getting some cotton wool balls, dipped them in green paint and added those.  This did get very messy and my daughter did not totally finish doing it – you can see some of the toilet rolls need more cotton wool balls added – I have left it on the kitchen table and I am hoping that she might come back and finish it herself.

Toilet roll christmas tree

Toilet roll Christmas tree 2

And lastly my favourite egg carton Christmas craft has to be this lovely Christmas tree that my daughter made.  We painted the egg cartons, glued them together added a lolly stick for the tree trunk and decorated it.  I just love it.

egg carton tree

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1 Response to Toilet Roll Christmas Wreath and other crafts

  1. they all came out great! My favorite is the toilet paper roll wreath. I’m such a sucker for toilet paper roll crafts!!


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