FREE christmas pages on Twinkl

After seeing some comments looking for free Twinkl pages for Christmas/ winter I remembered my half completed post and thought I would try to finish it.

Here are some of the FREE pages that we like. Sorry that there are not a lot of pictures included in the list below but most of these pages are things that we are still planning on doing in the build up to Christmas. I hope you find one of two goodies to do with you kids.

Patterned presents from Twinkl – these are great for some collages.

Present collages 1

Twinkl have also got a lovely nativity word mat. (This has been moved onto their paid for subscription)

I also found these nativity stick puppets which we are going to be using this year (These are have now been moved to their paid for subscription)

We love these great snowman themed writing pages.

Numbered snowmen 0-31.  These are great for making number cards (print 4 on a page) and get the kids to practice putting them in the correct order or play place the correct number of objects on each snowman.

Editable self registration snowmen – We like using these as rhyming cards.  Print them out on card, laminate them and get the kids to practice writing rhyming words on 2 matching cards

Complete the christmas pattern – I have just printed these out for my little boy to do.

Christmas Vocabulary poster – we like using the vocabulary posters to make 3 part cards, great for helping the kids recognise the words.

Christmas alphabet ordering worksheet – on my list for my daughter to do in the build up to Christmas.

Christmas shadow matching worksheet

Christmas themed letter writing page – great to laminate and get the little ones to practice tracing their numbers on it.

Christmas number comparison page – this is actually in my daughters folder for her to do next week.

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