Basic 4 Season

Blue has been asking me more and more questions about the different seasons so I thought we would do a very simple lapbook together (not sure that lapbook is the correct word as it is more of a folded poster).

We started off using the FREE four season display banner from Twinkl on our cover with the 4 season wheel  (Platinum on Twinkl) I really like this wheel as it shows how the months of the year are grouped into the different seasons.  His big sister also loved this.  In fact she has asked me to reprint it and hang it next to her wall calendar.

Seasons cover

On the inside of the flaps we started off by dividing it into 4 sections each one with a different Season header.  Pink liked the idea of using the different trees for this.  We used the FREE My seasons poster for the different trees.

Seasons header

Then I gave the kids the FREE seasonal bingo sorting activity pages.  They had to cut and past the pictures and words into the correct seasons.


Very simple but both my kids love any excuse to cut and stick pictures into different categories.

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