Colourful Santa fun

We are loving our colourful Santa’s (classic on Twinkl).  I stumbled onto them by accident last week and decided that even though I had a bunch of Christmas themed activities already planned and printed I just had to add these to our Christmas activities.  The ideas of how you could use these are just endless, you could use them to help with colour mixing activities (Blue is very into this at the moment), you could use them to practice ordinal numbers, or get the kids to practice writing the colour words…just too many options not to print them out.

We started off using our Santa’s to do some colour mixing.  Blue loved this. I gave the kids a colour mixing card and they had to use the Santa’s to “mix” the correct colour.

colourful Santa

colour mixing santaThe colour mixing cards that we used are FREE to download from Twinkl.

Then I wrote the ordinal number words out on some scrap card and then the kids had to match the correct colour Santa to the correct position eg Pink Santa is in third position.

Ordinal Santa'sAfter that my daughter practiced her writing and spelling by writing out all the colours and adding them underneath the Santa’s

Colourful Santa 3

And she also added the 1st, 2nd, 3rd cards that we had.

Colorful Santa 4

Colourful Santa 5

And the best part the kids have asked me not to pack the Santa’s away.  They want to make up a story about the colourful Santa’s and my daughter is even going to write out the story.

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