Cupcakes – role playing and play dough

We love cupcakes in our house.  It has become a bit of a family tradition that when it is someones birthday we have cupcakes.  So after having our cupcakes on Sunday Pink and I decided that we needed to open up our very own ofamily cupcake shop.  We downloaded this great editable banner for our cupcake shop from Twinkl (gold subscription).

cupcake banner

Then we started setting up our bakery on the kitchen table.  We used lots of different colour play dough , a mix of cupcake holders that we had in the kitchen, mixing bowls and accessories from the kids play kitchen (bought at ELC) and of course our cupcake toppings – beads / sparkle goodies out of our art trolley.  Pink even fetched her play scale and started measuring out her different play dough mixtures.

cupcake bakerycupcake measuringOnce we had made a few of our play dough cupcakes we wrote out some labels for them.

cupcake labelsI laminated our labels as I am sure we will be re-using them on a playdate soon.  The labels I downloaded here : editable cupcake labels (again Twinkl gold).  We also priced our cupcakes and Pink had a min money lesson as she had to work out the change every time I bought one of her cupcakes.

Pink and I also made a giant cupcake picture.  I drew the main cupcake and Pink and I cut out the smaller cupcakes from some old wrapping paper and stuck them around the picture.  Then Pink started thinking of her favourite cupcake words.  She sounded them out and wrote them down (I did have to help with some of the spelling).

cupcake wordsAnd after all the pretend cupcake playing we naturally just had to bake our very own chocolate cupcakes


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1 Response to Cupcakes – role playing and play dough

  1. Ailsa Turner says:

    This looks like so much fun! We shall definitely try this!


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