No Dinosaurs just Tiddler instead

I had planned on doing a dinosaur dig with the kids this week but unfortunately it did not go as planned.  Before the kids had a chance to dig for dinosaur fossils our dig site got flooded.  Very frustrating especially as I had used the last of our sand and I had to order more as none of the shops near us are stocking sand at the moment.  Anyway I am going to try to redo the activity next week so fingers crossed this time around it will go as planned.

I still wanted to give the kids a new sensory activity this week but I could not think of anything and after the dinosaur disaster it needed to be fairly simple.  Then I overheard Blue and Pink playing, they where re-enacting the story of Tiddler the story-telling fish by Julia Donaldson.  So toy fishes and water beads and a new very simple sensory tub was created.


I used a mix of blue, clear, green and some yellow water beads.

water beads

We have not used water beads in a sensory tub before.  They are great.  Both kids love the feeling and I have to admit after dipping my hand in I understand why –  it is very relaxing.

Tiddler 3

Tiddler 2

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