Room on the Broom and rhyming words

Over the weekend we happened to end up in a lovely toy store which had a big display of Room on the Broom books and toys.  My kids love the story and naturally loved looking at all the toys on display and no big surprise when we got home our copy of the book was quickly found and re-read and re-read and re-read some more.

Pink and Blue are always randomly telling me which 2 words rhyme and Pink is starting to use that to help her spell eg she will say dream rhymes with cream so cream ends with eam.  I really want to encourage this thinking as my spelling is shocking and I love the fact that she figured this out for herself.

I started off looking for rhyming cards but then I found these editable Room on the Broom pages on Twinkl (gold) and thought we could make the cards ourselves.  We printed out the pages, laminated and cut them into cards ourselves.  Then I used on of our whiteboard markers to write a word one of the cards and left a matching card empty.

Room on the Broom cards

Pink then had to read the word on the card, think of a rhyming word and write it out herself.

Room on the Broom rhyming

I was so happy with how this turned out as it was not something we that planned on doing but rather a quick spur of the moment idea.

Room on the broom

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2 Responses to Room on the Broom and rhyming words

  1. I love it when kids initiate their own learning 🙂


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