Using Twinkl for GCSE/IGCSE

As a home educator who is helping a kiddo with GCSE/IGCSE content for the first time I wanted to make sure I had good resources and enough resources. For all of her subjects I got her course books linked to the exam board we are using. But we like to have extra reading, extra activities and exercises to add in when we want to. It is the way my daughter has always worked through all of the years of doing home ed, she likes to really get into the topic and read multiple sources on it. So I knew that just one book for each subject was not going to work for her. I also knew that I liked the English and Maths KS3 sections from the Twinkl website (we have used them a lot) and we have already dipped into the GCSE English Literature content (which we loved) so I started looking in a bit more detail at the other sections. And I must admit once again I have been impressed with their English, Maths and the bit of Biology and Physics that I have looked at.

With the English I managed to download units of work for the English Literature works that I know we are going to cover. And I have looked at those units and I really like them (I have to admit the entire English Literature section for both KS3 and KS4 is one of my favourite sections). I also downloaded some interesting practice questions and activities for English Language. I like the way they break down the different type of questions and talk about how to structure your answers.

  • Twinkl's KS4 resources
  • Macbeth Revision Guide for GCSE English Literature from the Twinkl Resources website

With Maths, I have found LOTS of extra practice questions, sample exam questions and even explanations. Which ones we will use I can not say, we are only just starting, but I like the fact that we now have an extra source for practice questions. For me, Maths is about practicing what we learn and then practicing it some more so I was really thrilled to find all the extra questions.

And finally Science. At the moment my daughter has opted to do Biology and Physics. We actually started her Biology a bit early, in August, and I have already used a few of the AQA Biology lessons with her and she really liked the explanations and the activities. And just to clarify, my daughter is doing Edexcel IGCSE Biology and yes I used some lessons out of the AQA GCSE Biology with her, but if you know what topics you need to cover, you can actually use some of the lessons that have been written for different exam boards. The main thing is to find something which explains it well and then has a good practice activity with it. So we will be dipping back into the Biology section as and when she feels like she wants an extra explanation or activity.

Oh and the Physics we just started her Physics 10 days ago and I have already downloaded a few extra questions for her to practice on and she really liked the activities (and for us that is huge because Physics is the one subject she is not sure of).

We are only just starting on our GCSE/IGCSE work but I do really like the resources that I have downloaded from Twinkl for my daughters English, Maths and Biology and Physics. If you are new at doing GCSE/IGCSE subjects with your home edder (like I am) it may be worth going to have a look at Twinkl’s GCSE content, you just might find some interesting resources there.

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