Year 6 Maths Tests from Twinkl

Lots of readers always ask about Maths Tests for their kids to practice on so I wanted to share a set of Maths tests that I used with both of my kids when they were younger. It is the Year 6 Arithmetic Tests downloaded from the Twinkl website. There are 10 different tests, each one takes 30 minutes to complete and they have included an answer sheet at the back.

Each test is slightly different but in every test you get a wide range of questions that cover the basic four operations, fractions, decimals, and percentages.

All you need to do it download the test, print it out and your kids is ready to practice.

Okay so why did I like these tests – I liked that they had a variety of Maths questions in one test, that it was set out with working space under each question, so you really only need to print out the question paper, I like that they included a mark scheme and the answers. For me it was just easy to use, print it out and you have a test paper all set up. Easy, no extra work needed by me.

What was the purpose of us using these tests – I started using them as a way of getting the kids to practice answering a certain number of questions within a given time frame, it is something that we had never done before. And I liked the fact that while we were working on a certain Maths topic (possibly geometry) I could give the kids a paper like this that would remind them about the other Maths that we had already done – sort of “can you remember this?” activity.

I honestly was not that concerned about the marks, but both of my kids liked marking their papers and working out what their percentage was.

For me these test papers dealt with a few issues in one go – practicing Maths, letting me know if there were areas we needed to revisit, time management and even getting the kids to challenge themselves to do better.

Admin – this post is not linked to the Twinkl website, it is just a post about one of their resources that I found useful as a home educator.

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