Space Race Game – a Physics Game Review

We already own two of the Oaka Books Games (The Predators and Producers game and the On the Map game) and both have been popular board games my kids. Both games have been a fun learning activity and one that I have found works well with different aged kids (I have an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old). So I was keen to try the physics version – The Space Race Game

Space Race Game by Oaka Books

But I must admit I was not sure if it was going to be as popular as the other two games just because my kids are naturally more interested in Biology and Geography.  But that is the beauty of these games, even if they are in a subject that your kids are not that interested in the game angle makes it more interesting and mine enjoyed playing it.  It ended up being just as popular as our other 2 Oaka Books games.

It is the same format as the Predators and Producers Game. The game is set up like a typical board game (so not complex rules). The kids throw a dice and them move the corresponding number of squares. If they land on a square with a question mark they get a question to answer (right answers wins point cards). If you land on a comet you need to move down the comet and if you land on a rocket you get to move up (snakes and ladders concept). So really easy rules.

The Space race board game by Oaka Books. The board with some questions

Also the game comes with different coloured question cards – so if you want you can stick to the light cards (which are designed for lower key stage 2) or the darker cards (written for Upper Key Stage 2) or as we normally do just mix them all together. There is a fourth option in that you can only select question cards based on topics that you have covered.

Question Cards from the Space Race game by Oaka Books

The question cards cover a wide range of topics – quick breakdown

  • Earth, Sun & Moon
  • Light & Shadows
  • Sound
  • Magnets
  • Electrical Circuits and Electrical Conductors
  • Forces and Friction

So a good physics base.

Some of you may be wondering does playing the game actually help, is it not just a bit gimmicky?  For us it really works.  Even just comparing the first and second time we played the game – the amount the kids remembered from the first session really impressed me.

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And every time we have played the game I have noticed they are getting more and more questions correct.  And they not just remembering facts often the questions sparks another question and we end up discussing something in more detail or even pausing the game and we go and read up something. For us it works as both a learning tool and a revision tool. The game is geared for Key Stage 2 ages but I am going to continue playing it with our oldest as she starts Key Stage 3 because it is just a good grounding and it helps to highlight possible areas that she may not understand properly and might need some extra help with.

We Highly Recommend this game.

Admin Bit – We went sent a parcel of goodies from Oaka Books earlier in the year.  It was up to us what we used / how we used it / when we used it and what we thought of it.



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