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I get ridiculously giddy with excitement when we get some new resources (yes I am not joking – lets just call it a side-effect of being a home-educating mom).  I don’t buy all of our resources upfront I tend to rather buy items as we need them, which helps to spread the cost out a bit and also gives me flexibility to change items that may not be working as hoped.  But in the past week I ordered some new items and they have arrived and I am just brimming with excitement so I wanted to share some of my new picks.

My First Book about the Brain by Dover coloring

First up the My First Book About the Brain (Dover Children’s Science Books) – now totally going to admit that we have never tried anything like this before.  Ever.   But my daughter wants to learn more human biology and I had the idea of looking for something that combined some “art” and I came across this book.  It looked interesting and it only cost my around £3 on Amazon so I thought it would be worth having a go.  I am thinking it might either be a huge hit or a total fail, really not sure.

Dover Colouring Book. My First Book about the Brain

My daughter is very much into History at the moment but her younger brother is not so keen and that can prove a bit problematic as all the outings we do are the 3 of us.  So I have been searching for fun books that would appeal to him to make History more interesting for him.  I found a fictional series called Time Hunters and read some great reviews so I bought the set for my youngest (fingers and toes all crossed).

Harper Collins Time Hunter Series. Fun reading with historical references

And even though the set was meant for my youngest as soon as the books arrived my oldest started reading the first one Gladiator Clash (Time Hunters, Book 1)– which was great because she then got my youngest interested.  First day but so far it looks like a fun fictional history series for the kids.

Chris Blakes Time Hunter Gladiator Clash book

The one set of non-fiction History books that my son has actually enjoys are the Big CAT readers  (he loved the Vikings in Britain book), so I did some searching and found 4 other historical BIG CAT readers that we are going to try.  Early Kings of England: Band 14/Ruby (Collins Big Cat), Sister Queens: The Lives and Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth: Band 15/Emerald (Collins Big Cat), How To Be A Knight: Band 09/Gold (Collins Big Cat), How to be a Tudor: Band 14/Ruby (Collins Big Cat): Band 14 Phase 5, Bk. 16.  He finds the history books that he older sister reads too overwhelming but these readers contain just the right amount of information for him.  We have not read these yet but after a quick look all four appear to be the same good quality that I have come to expect from the BIG CAT readers.

BIG CAT Historical readers. Includes lots of history of Britain books

Something else which we have not yet formally done any work on is map work.  And both my kids are interested in creating their own maps.  So I bought both Collins Mapstart 1 (Collins Primary Atlases) and Collins Mapstart 2 (Collins Primary Atlases) by Catling, Simon (2010) Paperback.  Map work is not something that I would naturally gravitate towards but after looking at these 2 books I am actually looking forward to working through them with the kids. (And my youngest has paged through the first one and already said it looks interesting)

Collins Mapstart Primary books. Mapwork for primary aged children

And finally some new audiobooks.  The kids love listening to stories in the car and since we have 3 weekly activities that involve 20 minute drives I thought a new set of audiobooks would be really good (and if I am totally honest I am a bit sick of their old audio stories that we have).  This time I went for the Roald Dahl Audiobooks 2016 (10 Phizz-Whizzing Audiobooks), I choose these because we have just been reading 2 Roald Dahl books and everyone (including me) loved them.

Roald Dahl Audiobooks perfect for car trips

I am so excited to try our new resources.  I will write detailed reviews of all items once we have used them properly

I bought the Dover Colouring Book, The Time Hunter Series, The Mapstart books and the audiobooks.  Harper Collins kindly offered to send us some BIG CAT readers and I choose the individual titles to suit the kids interests.

I have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.

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