Our Soldier on the window

We have been going back and revisiting quite a bit of the World Wars lately and since it is Remembrance Day soon I thought it would be good to combine our History with a quick art project.

We started by printing out the extra large Soldier template from Activity Village. We cut and stuck it all together and then using some blu tack attached it one of the big garden windows.

Next we got out our Woody pencils – we have had these pencils for YEARS. I first bought them because they were just a great size for little hands and then we kept them because they are VERY useful for a number of different crafts. One of our favourites is the fact that we can use them on our windows and sliding doors and then just wipe them off when we are finished.

My son first traced an outline of the soldier and then he coloured the soldier in.

Next we added in a background – we chose to do the ground green and the sky red so that the soldier would stand out against his background.

Really easy but also really effective.

The template that we used is this one – extra large Soldier from Activity Village

And the pencils hat we used are the STABILO Woody 3-in-1 pencils

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