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I know lots of people think of Activity Village as the site for colouring pages for younger kids, and they do have lots of stunning pages for younger kids but they also have a few gems tucked away for older kids, gems that not everyone knows about. So I thought I would share some links for some of the pages that might be suitable for your older kids. Sorry if this reads as a bit of a list but here goes.

Activity Village colouring pages for older kids

I have to start with the Colouring Quotes section. We love this section and have printed out and coloured in a number of these stunning pages.

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Then onto their circle colouring pages (these are my current favourites). They have quite a mix of topics under the circular theme, but really all of them are stunning.

Activity Village circle colouring pages flowers

And the Illuminated Letters, I love these for some colouring fun while you are looking at Medieval History. They actually have two version for every letter – the embellished version has a lot more detail and takes a bit more time to complete. They also have Illuminated alphabet cards which we actually like using for birthday cards (just select the starting letter of the birthday person)

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Speaking of History pages they also have an interesting sections called Scenes through the Decades which some older kids might enjoy.

Activity Village Decade colouring page

Oh and the famous sites page also has some good pages for older kids, I think they can tie quite nicely into Geography topics. 

And then there are the Doodly Colouring pages which are very detailed.  My oldest often colours in one of these if we are listening to audio stories.  (We love the Mandala set they have included here).

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And even though it is still Autumn I have to share a link for the Older Christmas colouring pages. There are some lovely festive pages here.

I am sure there are other great colouring pages but these are the ones that we regularly use.

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