The DNA Book by DK

One of the Biology topics that my daughter found a bit challenging in her KS3 years was DNA. She loves Biology and for most of it she tore through the work but the idea of DNA, what it is, its structure just seemed to be one of those topics that she was not 100% okay with. So when I spotted this book by DK – The DNA Book, I was immediately interested, because I think it is one of those concepts that a few kids do find a bit challenging and I think books like this one make it easier to understand.

First off this book is aimed at kids aged 7-9 (or that is what it says on the DK website) but I have to say I find that a bit misleading. I think this book is suitable for older kids as well, in fact I am going to be using it with my twelve-year old in a few weeks time as a way to start our Biology topic on DNA, mutations and natural selection, because it covers all of that and more. So please don’t be put off by the age recommendation. This can be a tricky topic so I think lots of older kids will benefit from this book.

Okay this is a DK book, so it is a stunning visual book. We find that DK Books are great for visual kiddos because they always have incredible photographs and diagrams and their writing is always concise and in easy to read blocks. I really like the DK format. The kids find the pages engaging and they are never overwhelmed with a massive amount of information.

Okay so what exactly does this book cover?

I think that is a lot. It really does explain what DNA is, how it is structured, what it can do and then all the things that DNA is a part of (like mutations) and I have to admit I really liked the last little bit called the history of DNA.

Oh and I love the fact that they include some simple experiments that you can do with the kids at home.

My recommendation is – get this book before your kids cover DNA and its related topics, let them read it and digest it in their own time (they will probably want to read it more than once). I wish we had discovered this book a few years ago, I know it would have helped my daughter.

We got our copy of this book directly from DK – The DNA Book but you can also get it from Amazon – DK’s DNA BOOK

Admin – I spotted this DNA book, thought it looked like a brilliant educational book and I approach DK and asked if they would be interested is us writing a review.

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