New Book sets from Books2Door

I get ridiculously excited when new books arrive and this past week we received our latest delivery from Books2Doors which included 3 stunning book sets. I love the idea of buying book sets because then you get the whole series (or the majority of it) in one go, there is no having to wait to try and find the next book and it is always cheaper then buying the books individually.

For our latest order we went with – the Percy Jackson series – the kids just watched the first Percy Jackson movie recently and loved it and I must confess the home educator in me loves all the references to the Greek Gods and Goddess so I thought it would be good to have the series at hand (confession – we are about to start a whole bunch of work on the Ancient Greeks and as those of you who read this blog know I LOVE using Historical Fiction (in whatever form) to make different aspects of what we are learning a bit more engaging).

Second on the list was this set of Michael Morpurgo books – which I selected because both of the kids have said that want to read more of his books and I must admit I really like his writing style (lots of great descriptive passages to inspire the kids) and he often links his books to historical periods which is great for History. This entire set, consisting of eight Michael Morpurgo stories is only £14.99 (which is roughly £1.87 a book) which is a very good price. (For Michael Morpurgo fans I also spotted this lovely looking 12 book set)

The third set was a bit of a “fingers crossed, hoped it is going to be good series” – Horrible Geography. The Horrible History set that we have has been read and reread and loved by both kids so I am hoping that the Horrible Geography set might also be a hit. I did quickly page through the Volcano book and it does look really engaging and funny and I have a strong suspicion that my son is going to really enjoy it.

I am still what I consider a newish customer to the Books2Door website but so far I have been happy with all of the book sets that we have received – they are always really well priced, arrive in good condition and within just a few days of delivery (I tend to opt for the free delivery option which is 2 to 4 days but you can also get a quicker paid for delivery which is 1 to 2 days).

Admin – Books2Doors contacted us and asked if we would like some new books. The 3 sets featured in this post are the ones that I choose from their website and which Books2Door gave us. This is not the first time we have used the website and we have in the past also ordered their book sets just because we find them really good value for money.

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  1. All of these look like great series! Thanks for sharing.

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