Crafty Stocking fillers

I never really know what to include in Christmas stockings.  When it comes to buying smaller items I still want them to be worthwhile, I do not like the idea of filling a stocking up with cheap items that are not going to be used again.  So this year after some thought I decided to include two crafty sets for each kid.  I thought about the crafty items that they enjoy doing but possibly do not always make it into my crafty shopping basket when I am stocking up on my essentials (so more of a crafty treat for the kids).

Mini Bead Sets

My kids love their Hama Beads (fusion beads / perla beads whatever you want to call them).  And we do have quite a collection of beads and boards but this past year I bought the kids two different bead sets – Under the sea fuse bead set and Jungle Animal fuse bead set – you can buy both directly from the Baker Ross website or from Amazon.

Creating the animals from the Jungle animal fuse bead kit

fusion bead tiger and lion made from the Baker Ross kits

Both kids loved these sets.  There was just something about getting a little set with some patterns, a few small boards and some beads that they loved.  It is great for an indoor activity in the middle of winter and it really gets those little brains working as they have to count and figure out which colours go where. So as a treat they are each getting a new set.  I am going for the bird and owl set this time Bird Fuse Bead Kits for Children to Make Decorate and Display as Summer Crafts (Pack of 6)  and   Owl Fuse Bead Kit for Children to Design Make and Display (Pack of 6)

Scratch Art

My kids and their friends love the scratch art sets.  I have bought two sets (again you can buy both sets from Baker Ross or from Amazon).  I like these sets as they are so easy to slip into a small bag and take with you when you are out and about and so far all of the kids friends will happily join in and do some scratch art with the kids.

Scratch art pictures really easy to take with you for the kids to do while out and about

They can scratch away in-between having a chat with their mates or while they wait for the other sibling to finish an activity (they have become quite popular as an activity while we wait for ballet classes to end). I also like the fact that the picture is already outlined on the page so there is no artistic pressure for the kids to create a picture themselves.  My kids are getting these two new sets in their stockings this year.

So for my son I am adding the Space Scratch Art Pictures Creative Educational Set for Children to Make Personalise and Display (Pack of 6)  and my daughter who is starting to show an interest in learning about  Asia I am adding the  Chinese Scratch Art Scenes Creative Craft Set for Children to Design Decorate and Display (Pack of 6)

For those of you who like the look of the sets used in the photos above here are the links

Jungle animal fuse bead set you can order it from amazon here Jungle Animal Fuse Bead Craft Kits for Children to Design Make and Hang (Pack of 6)

The scratch art pictures were a combination of two different sets.

The Christmas themed set which you can buy from Amazon here Christmas Scratch Art Pictures for Children to Make Xmas Decorations (Pack of 6)

Also the penguin themed scratch art pictures you can buy from amazon here Penguin Scratch Art Pictures for Children to Design and Personalise for Xmas – Creative Christmas Craft Toy for Kids (Pack of 6).

penguin scratch art picture from the Baker Ross set

All sets included in the posts are sets that I have bought for my kids. I have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. 





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