Learning with your arm in a cast

Over the weekend my daughter ended up fracturing her right elbow (well, we think it is fracture we have to wait until the swelling goes down for more x-rays). But it means her right arm has been placed in a cast and she cannot use it for anything. Which as you can imagine, has meant that a lot of her typical learning activities are no longer possible. So we have had to do a bit of a rethink this week.

Our biggest challenge has been Maths, my daughter likes to write out her maths and work answers out on pieces of paper. We have been using Khan Academy, which is good, but I can see she is missing being able to work out answers with pencil and paper. So this past week we have stuck to mostly revision Maths. But after our appointment next week, once I get a better timeline we may need to rethink the Maths a bit.

The biggest win this past week has been our educational board games (so I am thinking I possibly need to search for some Maths board games for her). We have four of the Oaka Books board games and we have been playing one every day. And yes I have mentioned these games before and we liked them before but when you have a kid who cannot use her dominate arm and one who finds too much screen time overwhelming having a stash of good educational board games has been a game changer for us. (For anyone who may be interested the Oaka Books board games -we have these ones – On the Map, Predators and Producers, Space Race, What’s the Matter?)

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She is not a massive screen person but we do use screens in moderation and this past week we have managed to include a bit more screen time, just staggered with other activities. We have been studying the medieval period in quite a bit of detail and as luck would have it I had recorded some really good medieval documentaries so we have been watching those.

The medieval documentaries actually fitted in really well and while we have been watching them I have acting as her scribe adding some extra notes to her medieval time line that she created (I added the notes in pencil so when she is able to write again she can decide if she is happy with everything or if she wants to change the notes we added).

watching medieval documentaries

We also broke up the documentaries with some medieval reading.  She insisted on sticking with her Invasion, Plague and Murder History book so we read the pages that linked to the documentaries and then she and I discussed the answers to the questions.  (When we get to end of the chapters we will leave those longer paragraph type questions for when she can write again just because I think they are really good at building writing skills so I want her to complete them in written format).  And we linked in some of our Medieval Topic Packs  from Oaka Books.  We stuck with the Topic Booklets and the learning maps and left the Write Your own notes book (I actually think we can come back to the Write Your Own Notes booklet as a revision activity later).

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So quite a History intensive few days, but then History is her favourite subject and I think she found being able to dive into the Medieval topic the way we did a bit comforting.

The other resource that she has used this past week is Twinkl Go – we found some labelling activities that she can do one the site and she seems to be managing using the mouse with her left hand so she has completed quite a few of those.

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I am really not sure how long her right arm is going to be out of action but we will just keep adapting our learning style as she needs it. And yes I have already been searching for new potential documentaries (I found a few on volcanoes that I think we might try next week)

Admin note – This is not sponsored in anyway. This is just me writing about a few of the resources we have been using this past week.

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1 Response to Learning with your arm in a cast

  1. Anne says:

    I hope that fracture heals well. We’ve homeschooled with broken arms many, many times! Looks like it’s fun to be a student at your house!


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