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Learning with your arm in a cast

Over the weekend my daughter ended up fracturing her right elbow (well, we think it is fracture we have to wait until the swelling goes down for more x-rays). But it means her right arm has been placed in a … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter? Board Game for KS2 Science

My son is very much someone who remembers things that HE finds interesting or amusing but if it is not something he is interested it he seems to forget it very quickly. He loves animals so biology has always been … Continue reading

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On the Map Board Game

Last year the kids were given the Predators and Producers board game and I was so impressed with it that I wanted to try another one.  Oaka Books have three different Science Board games for Key Stage 2 and three … Continue reading

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Predators and Producers Board Game

Those of you who follow the blog or Facebook page probably know by now that we have an almost continuous animal theme going on at all time.  Both my kids are fascinated by almost anything linked to animals, they love … Continue reading

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