Plural words

Someone spotted part of a plural spelling rules page that I had handwritten and stuck up in our kitchen for my son. He has been learning the plural spelling rules and needed a visual reminder to help him. It really was something super quick that I made for him.

home-made adding s spelling rules

But that person asked to see the full page because she was busy doing plural spellings with her kid. So I quickly typed up my handwritten notes to make it look a bit better for her. And since I typed up the page for her I thought I would share the document here as well (really nothing fancy but if it helps one of you).

Free plural spelling rule summary

download – Plural spelling rules created by ofamily learning together

While we were practicing the plural spelling rules I made some word cards for my son to use.  The idea was he would group the cards into piles of words that applied to each rule.  And after that we also used them as spelling cards.  I would give him a few cards and he would have to write out the correct plural spelling.  Again it is really a straight forward print out, just word cards but since someone else might find them useful so I am attaching the document here.

word cards to use when the kids practice using the plural spelling rules

download – plural spelling word cards created by ofamily learning together


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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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