Taking a week off

This past week has been one of those weeks when we all really needed a break so we took it.  I had a few medical appointments scheduled for the week and I was feeling very apprehensive about them.  So much so that last Sunday night my hubbie encouraged me to just give myself a break this week.  But that mum guilt took over.  I had planned some fun geometry activities to do with my daughter (she actually really enjoys geometry) and I have a bunch of animal activities planned for my little guy.  So I was determined to stick with it.  But then Monday morning arrived and both kids were congested and just miserable with flu so we decided a break from home ed would be a good idea after all.

And we did, well correction I did.  The only real thing I did this week was drive to the library to pick up some reserved books, watch some documentaries with them and chat about whatever they wanted.  But even though I gave all of us a break this week the truth is they still continued learning.

Both kids read a lot – a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, we listened to an audio story on the Anglo-Saxons (my son’s request), watched a documentary on the Tudors (my daughter wanted to watch it) and a bunch of new shark documentaries (both kids wanted to watch these – oh they were also prompted lots of ocean habitat learning).   My son spent ages comparing sizes of different sharks, he used his tape measure and we plotted them out, he discussed how if he combined certain sharks together they would total a different sharks length and he flipped between m and cm without a second thought.  My daughter wrote more of her stories and my son actually started writing a brand new story (inspired by a book he read) and while he was writing he was constantly checking his spelling with his older sister (so they both got a lot of spelling practice).  They also spent some time out in the garden catching and inspecting some of the new insects that have emerged and replanting some seedlings.  My daughter also  worked on new lyrics for a song that she is writing and she decided to give Shakespeare a go.

So that was the week when I officially declared we would not be doing any home educating, oh and they both did some art to go with their stories, sorry forgot about that.

(I am just including a happy smiling photo of the 3 of us because this is how I feel after this week.  So impressed with these 2 and how they are really driving so much of their own learning and teaching me a lot every day)

Winter walk. ofamily learning together

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2 Responses to Taking a week off

  1. Camie says:

    I hope you’re all feeling much better now! It’s good to have more relaxing weeks and so wonderful that your kids love to read! That in itself is awesome!

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