Geometry Set Art

Most people don’t think Maths and Art go together.  But I actually think combining the two can be a lot of fun.  Who says Maths can’t be made into Art ?

So when my daughter got a geometry set this we spent some time just playing around with the different items included in the set and she realized that you can actually make some stunning Geometry Art. 

Geometry Art Project using a Maths Geometry set by ofamily learning together

My daughter loved using the compass (or the circle drawing tool as my son calls it).

Creating for own geometry art picture using her Maths geometry Set

She loved the idea of drawing circles around circles, playing with the angle of the compass to see how it affected her circles.  But it was not just the compass in the set that she used (although it is fair to say the compass was used the MOST), she used the other shapes as well.

A Drawing created using a Maths Geometry set. One way of combining Maths and Art

Once she had her drawings she then started adding colour – one of the pictures she painted with her watercolours and the other she just opted to use her sharpies (I also think oil pastels would work well with this).

Geometry Set Art for kids. Combining Art and Maths together to make learning fun. ofamily learning togetherWith the watercolours if you are painting the circles in a pattern like my daughter did be aware of allowing some drying time so that all the colours do not run together. She painted the red circles, had some lunch and then came back to do the orange circles.

Geometry Art using watercolour paints. Design created using a school geometry set. ofamily learning together

It was a fun activity and my youngest even joined in creating some of his own masterpieces (he has not finished his so I am not allowed to photograph them yet).

And honestly even if she had just created the pictures that would have been enough for me.  But as it often happens, as she was sitting and working we chatted and she asked questions, questions about the shapes, how they fitted together, angles and we even did a quick diagram of a circle and what some key words are.

Geometry Art. Great opportunity to discuss parts of a circle

If you haven’t already tried combining some Maths and Art, we highly recommend that you give it a go.  It is a fun way of making maths come alive (Quote from my daughter).

Maths plus Art. Geometry Set Art. Fun way of exploring a new geometry set



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  1. Another mom says:

    This is so interesting and the result stunning…say well done to her from me.


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